Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Cape Kidnappers Adventure

What a beautiful day!  Warm breeze, calm sea,  and a lot of excited and happy children (and parents and teachers).  The tractors trundle up.  Heaps of them!  On we load and off we go...

Our driver was fun.  He swished us into the sea,  "Lift up your feet!"  We squeal.  Round and round, because we can.

We learnt about the earth quake fault lines, tectonic plates, fossils, lignite and erosion...  and the birds.  Terns, Shags and the Gannets.

Lunch was eaten at the shelter.  Then off we go, up the gravel track, across the paddock and zig-zagging up to the cape headland.  Pooh!  We smelt the Gannets before we saw them.  Then boom, hundreds of nesting Gannets.  They were all neatly spaced out.

The view was epic!  Blue sky, blue sea.  Everyone awed at the wide open space.  We were so high up.

On our return we stopped to paddle in rock pools.  Splashing, pointing, spotting creatures.  A perfect end to a perfect day.


  1. It was a fabulous day Room 10 and I did enjoy going out with you all to see the gannets.The tractor rides were very exciting..and I got a bit wet from all the squitring from the water bottles!!

    Ms Crowley

  2. Wow what a good class trip. Glad the sun was out.